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Deploy a Flask App on Render

You can deploy a Flask Python app on Render in just a few clicks.

This quickstart uses a simple example app. You’re welcome to use your own Flask app instead.

  1. Fork render-examples/flask-hello-world on GitHub.

    Here’s the app.py file from that repo, which is borrowed from the official Flask docs:

    from flask import Flask
    app = Flask(__name__)
    def hello_world():
        return 'Hello, World!'

    A demo instance of this app is hosted at flask.onrender.com. It uses Gunicorn to serve the app in a production setting.

  2. In the Render Dashboard, click New > Web Service and connect your new repo.

  3. Provide the following values during creation:



    Build Command

    pip install -r requirements.txt

    Start Command

    gunicorn app:app

    (Using your own app? Instead provide whatever command Render should use to start it.)

That’s it! Your web service will be live at its onrender.com URL as soon as the build finishes.

Going forward, every push to your linked branch automatically builds and deploys your app. If a build fails, Render cancels the deploy, and your app’s existing version continues running until the next successful deploy. Learn more about deploys.

If you need to use a specific version of Python for your app, see Setting Your Python Version.