Teams, Members, and Roles

Create your team

  1. In the Render Dashboard, click your user icon in the top-right corner, then click + New Team:

    Creating a new team in the Render Dashboard

  2. Complete the team creation form, including specifying a plan type and payment method. Then click Create Team.

You’re all set! Render creates your team and assigns you the Admin role. You can switch to your new team from the user dropdown:

Selecting a newly created team in the user dropdown

Now you can start creating shared services, inviting team members, and using team-specific features.

Transferring services

When you create your team, the creation form provides an option to Transfer Services to the team. If you select this option, Render moves all services, databases, environment groups, and Blueprint instances from your personal account to your new team.

It is not currently possible to selectively transfer services from a user to a team.

Manage team members

Only team members with the Admin role can manage other members.

  1. From your team’s page in the Render Dashboard, click your user icon in the top-right corner, then click Team Settings.

  2. Scroll down to the Team members section.

    • To add a team member, click + Invite members. Newly added members are assigned the Developer role.
    • To remove a team member, open the ••• menu next to that member and click Remove team member.
    • To change a team member’s role, click their current role and select a new one.

Member roles

Each member of a team has one of the following roles:



Has full access to the team’s resources and organizational settings (such as member management, billing management, and secure login enforcement).

Can also designate individual project environments as protected.

A team’s creator is automatically assigned this role.


Has access to the team’s resources (services, environment groups, etc.), except any resources in a protected project environment.

Does not have access to organizational settings.

Newly added members besides a team’s creator are automatically assigned this role.

Admins can reassign member roles from the Team Settings page in the Render Dashboard.