You can deploy Render services to any of the following regions to minimize latency for your users:

  • Oregon, USA
  • Ohio, USA
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Singapore
  • Virginia, USA (early access)

The Virginia region is currently in early access. It’s available to all users, and it is feature-complete with our other regions.

Early access provides us an opportunity to address any one-off issues that might arise with spinning up a new region. We’ll announce when this early access period completes.

We’ll continue to add regions over time. If you’re interested in a particular region, vote for it at

Selecting a region for a new service

You don’t select a region for static sites, which are backed by a global CDN.

Selecting a Region for a New Service

Selecting a region for a new database

Selecting a Region for a New Database

Changing regions

Render doesn’t currently support changing the region for an existing service or database. Instead, create a new service or database in the desired region, then migrate your configuration and data as needed.

Private networking

Each region provides a separate private network for your services. This means that services in different regions can’t communicate directly over a private network.

To communicate between services across regions, you need to properly secure that communication for traversal over the public internet.