Static Outbound IP Addresses

Render services send outbound traffic through a set of static IP addresses. You can use these addresses to connect your service to IP-restricted environments outside of Render.

Your service’s static IP addresses are available from the service’s page in the Render Dashboard. Click Connect in the upper right, then find the list of static IPs under Outbound:

List of static IP addresses in the Render Dashboard

Legacy Oregon services

If a service in the Oregon region belongs to an individual or team that was created before January 23, 2022, that service does not have access to static IP addresses.

You can enable static IP addresses for these legacy Oregon services in one of the following ways:

  • Configure a static IP provider like QuotaGuard.
  • Create a new individual or team account and do not transfer your legacy Oregon services into it.
    • Instead, create new services to replace the legacy services, then migrate over any data, domains, and configuration.