Supported PostgreSQL Extensions

Render PostgreSQL databases support most popular extensions (pgvector, postgis, and so on). Your database’s PostgreSQL version determines exactly which extensions are supported, along with how you add them:

PostgreSQL 13 and later

To enable any supported extension, run the CREATE EXTENSION command like so:


To run this command, you can start a psql session in your terminal. Use the PSQL Command provided on your database’s Info page in the Render Dashboard.

Except where noted, these extensions are available for all databases running PostgreSQL 13 or later:

PostgreSQL 11 and 12

On Render databases running PostgreSQL 11 or 12, supported extensions are enabled by default and cannot be customized. These extensions are enabled for all PostgreSQL 11 and 12 databases:

Some of these extensions (like postgis) create additional schemas (like topology) and tables (like spatial_ref_sys).

Removing extensions

If you don’t need some of these extensions and want to remove them from your PostgreSQL 11 or 12 database, email support and we’ll be happy to delete them for you.