PostgreSQL Admin Apps

Render provides simplified deployment and configuration for popular PostgreSQL admin apps right from the Render Dashboard:

pgAdminGeneral-purpose PostgreSQL administration. Manage schemas, tables, and indexes. Run one-off queries and view their query plans.
PgHeroA performance dashboard for your database. Monitor resource usage, analyze active connections, and inspect recent queries to identify bottlenecks.

Interested in simplified deployment for another admin app? Please submit a feature request.

Render deploys each app as a standard web service and automatically connects it to your database over your private network.


  1. In the Render Dashboard, select your database from the service list and open its Apps page:

    List of PostgreSQL admin apps in the Render Dashboard

  2. Click the Deploy app button for the app you want to create. A dialog appears with authentication and billing details:

    Confirmation dialog for creating a PostgreSQL admin app

  3. Securely store the autogenerated credentials for the app (such as in a password manager). You’ll use these credentials to log in to the app’s web interface.

    • You can optionally customize these credentials.
    • The credentials will also be available as environment variables in the created Render service.
  4. Review the billing details. If everything looks good, click the Deploy button.

    • Render uses the smallest compute specs possible according to the app’s requirements.

You’re all set! Render deploys your admin app as a web service in the same region as your database. When the deploy completes, the app’s listing displays a Deployed label, along with an Open app button:

A deployed PostgreSQL admin app in the Render Dashboard

Click Open app to open the app’s web interface in a new browser tab and log in with your credentials. The app is hosted on an subdomain like any other web service.

Missing your app’s credentials? See App credentials.

Managing an existing app

After you create a PostgreSQL admin app, it appears alongside your other services in the Render Dashboard:

PostgreSQL admin apps in the service list

You can manage or delete this service like any other Render service. Note that modifying the service’s environment variables can break the app’s connection to your database.

App credentials

Your app credentials are separate from your database credentials. Database credentials are available from your database’s Info page in the Render Dashboard.

If you didn’t save your app credentials during setup, they’re available as environment variables set for the created Render service:

    • Note that if you change your password via the pgAdmin UI, the PGADMIN_DEFAULT_PASSWORD environment variable does not update.
    • You cannot trigger a password reset email from the pgAdmin UI. If you lose your password, delete and redeploy the pgAdmin service.