Setting Your Python Version

Issues deploying your Python app? See Troubleshooting Python Deploys.

Python version 3.11.9 is the default for Render services created on or after 2024-04-04.

Specify a different Python version by setting your service’s PYTHON_VERSION environment variable to a valid Python version (e.g., 3.11.7). You can specify any released version from 3.7.0 onward.

Setting the PYTHON_VERSION environment variable

Render doesn’t support unreleased Python versions natively, but you can use them via Render’s Docker support.

History of default Python versions

If you don’t set a Python version for your service, Render’s default version depends on when you originally created the service:

Service Creation DateDefault Python Version
2024-04-04 and later3.11.9
2024-02-22 to 2024-04-043.11.8
2024-01-02 to 2024-02-223.11.7
2023-12-04 to 2024-01-023.11.6
Before 2023-11-013.7.10