Setting Your Python Version

Python version 3.11.9 is the default for Render services created on or after 2024-04-04.

Specify a different Python version by setting your service’s PYTHON_VERSION environment variable to a valid Python version (e.g., 3.9.13). You can specify any released version from 3.7.0 onward.

Render doesn’t support unreleased Python versions natively, but you can use them via Render’s Docker support.

History of default Python versions

If you don’t set a Python version for your service, Render’s default version depends on when you originally created the service:

Service Creation DateDefault Python Version
2024-04-04 and later3.11.9
2024-02-22 - 2024-04-043.11.8
2024-01-02 - 2024-02-223.11.7
2023-12-04 - 2024-01-013.11.6
Before 2023-11-013.7.10