Setting Your Elixir and Erlang Versions

Elixir version 1.16.1 and Erlang/OTP version 26.2.2 are the defaults for Render services created on or after 2024-03-05.

You can specify your service’s Elixir and/or Erlang/OTP version by setting environment variables:


Add an environment variable called ELIXIR_VERSION to your service and set its value to a valid version (e.g., 1.14.5).

Supported Elixir versions are listed below.

If you don’t also specify an Erlang/OTP version, Render automatically downloads an Erlang runtime that’s compatible with your chosen Elixir version.

Supported Elixir versions

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Add an environment variable called ERLANG_VERSION to your app and set the value to a valid version (e.g., 24.3.4).

If you set an Erlang/OTP version, make sure it’s compatible with your Elixir version!

Supported Erlang/OTP versions are listed below.

Note that 22.2 is a less recent version than 22.2.8, because valid versions are based on tags in the official Erlang repo.

Supported Erlang/OTP versions

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History of default Elixir versions

If you don’t set an Elixir version for your service, Render’s default version depends on when you originally created the service:

Service Creation DateDefault Elixir Version
2024-03-05 and later1.16.1
2023-11-01 to 2024-03-051.15.6
Before 2023-11-011.9.4