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Deploy Pgweb — a PostgreSQL Client

This guide shows how to deploy Pgweb, a web-based database client for PostgreSQL, written in Go. It lets you connect to, browse, and run queries against any local or remote PostgreSQL database.

Pgweb uses dep for dependency management and this guide also demonstrates Render’s native support for dep.


  1. Fork sosedoff/pgweb on GitHub.

  2. Create a new Web Service on Render, and give Render permission to access your new repo.

  3. Select Go for the runtime and use the following values during creation:

    Build Command: go build -o app

    Start Command: ./app --bind=

That’s it! Your pgweb install will be available on your onrender.com URL as soon as the deploy is live. You can enter your credentials to connect to your database and start browsing!

To connect to your Render databases from Pgweb deployed on Render, make sure to append ?sslmode=require to your internal database URL.

Pgweb Screenshots

Connection Screen

pgweb connect

Table Browser

pgweb browser