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Deploy Gotify

Gotify is an open source push notifications server that lets you send messages via a REST API and create clients that subscribe to them using web sockets. You can deploy your own Gotify server on Render using the steps below.

  1. Create a new PostgreSQL database on Render. Set the Name, Database, and User to gotify.

  2. Fork render-examples/gotify-server and create a new Web Service on Render, giving Render permission to access your forked repo.

  3. On the service creation page, add the following environment variable. Use the internal database hostname and password from the database you created earlier.

    GOTIFY_DATABASE_CONNECTIONhost=your-db-hostname port=5432 user=gotify dbname=gotify password=your-db-password

That’s it! Your Gotify server will be available on your onrender.com URL in less than a minute. Don’t forget to log in and change the admin password.

You can also add a custom domain to your service and Render will automatically issue and manage TLS certificates for your domain. Make sure to add the domain to the list of allowed origins in your Gotify configuration file.