Migrating from GitHub Pages

Migrating from GitHub Pages to Render is a quick and easy process and gives you much more control over your static site builds and deploys.

  1. Create a new Static Site on Render and select your GitHub Pages repository.
  2. Use the following values during creation:
    • Build Command: bundle exec jekyll build
    • Publish Directory: _site

That’s it! Your site will be live on your Render URL as soon as the build finishes.

Follow our custom domains guide to add your own domains to your site.

A note on Ruby versions

By default, Render uses the latest LTS version of Ruby.

It can also automatically detect and install the version of Ruby specified in .ruby-version at the root of your project, or in your Gemfile. At the time of writing, GitHub Pages uses ruby version 2.5.3; you can check the current dependency version on GitHub Pages’ Dependency versions page.