Deploy Persistent Redis with Docker

You can also create a Redis instance, which makes it easy to use Redis in a secure, reliable, and completely hands-off way.

Redis is one of the most flexible and popular caching and database servers in use today. Render makes it effortless to run Redis as a private service, complete with persistence so your data is always protected against process restarts and failures.

Render private services are only visible to other Render services in your account. They have internal URLs like redis:6379, can speak any protocol (like RESP), and can listen on any port.


One-Click Deploy

Use the button below to deploy a persistent Redis instance on Render.

Deploy to Render

Manual Deployment

  1. Fork render-examples/redis on GitHub or click the green ‘Use this template’ button.

  2. Create a new Private Service on Render, and give Render permission to access your new repo.

  3. Make sure the Runtime is set to Docker, and enter a name for the service (this will be used to generate the private URL).

  4. Add a Disk under Advanced with the following values:

    Mount Path/var/lib/redis
    Size10 GB Feel free to change this to match your requirements.

Click Save and you’re good to go! Once deployed, your Redis instance will be available on a URL similar to redis:10000, and you can start using your Redis URL from other services in your Render account.